Trust the Safety of Volvo's Instant Traction AWD

The new all-wheel drive cars from Volvo are some of the most stable cars on the road today. Slippery roads around Oceanside, CA, or Encinitas, CA, are no problem for Volvo vehicles like the Volvo XC60. Whether the poor road conditions are caused by snow, ice, or just rain, Volvo's AWD system shifts power to the right place to keep drivers squarely on the road. Maintaining traction and preventing uncontrolled loss of power to the pavement gives confidence in the worst conditions and helps you reach your destination safely.

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Explore the Pre-Owned Inventory of Volvo Vehicles at Volvo Cars Carlsbad

Volvo vehicles pride themselves on being some of the safest on the road. The company has a long-standing tradition of investing in safety technology and always strives to be at the forefront of safety innovation. Our dealership in Carlsbad, CA, has a vast selection of used Volvo vehicles in stock. Our staff is passionate about these cars and committed to helping you get the ideal Volvo for your needs.

Used Volvo SUVs

The Volvo XC40 is the smallest SUV in the Volvo lineup. It's perfect for city driving and has features that make it a pleasure to drive. 

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