The compact Volvo S60 is a popular sedan, partly because of its luxury, but it also offers great performance features that drivers can appreciate.

With the Volvo S60's Start/Stop feature, you get better fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. Whenever you stop, be it a traffic light or in heavy traffic in Carlsbad, CA, your Volvo engine shuts off briefly to eliminate idling. It restarts immediately when you start driving again. Another feature to help you get going is Hill Start Assist. Whether you're headed uphill or downhill, this feature keeps the brakes applied after you release the brake pedal. What this does is keep the vehicle from moving in that brief time between you taking your foot off the brake and apply it to the accelerator.

Volvo S60 has more to offer. Visit Volvo Cars Carlsbad to learn more and take a test drive.

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