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Using Volvo On Call Technology for Your Added Convenience

Technology has really brought the automotive industry to new heights in recent years in the Carlsbad, CA area. You can now pair your phone with most makes and models of vehicles on the market right now. Volvo has even developed the Volvo On Call app that provides several really great features. You get to use the app for free for the first four years of ownership. It makes your life much in Oceanside, CA easier, and our staff here at Volvo Cars Carlsbad is happy to tell you a little more about it.

Controlling Your Air Conditioning and Remote Starter

Regardless of where your vehicle is parked and where you are, the Volvo On Call app allows you to start your vehicle and run your air conditioning or heat. You can set up as many as eight different timers for your temperature controls. If you have set times that you leave the house or head to your vehicle for your ride home after work, your Volvo will be at your preset temperature when you get inside. It's really convenient on those hot summer days or cold winter mornings.

Locking and Unlocking Your Doors

If you aren't sure that you locked your doors when you walked away from your vehicle, you can use the Volvo On Call app to confirm your doors are locked wherever you are around Encinitas, CA. You can also utilize this feature to allow Amazon drivers to access your trunk for package drop offs.

Viewing Your Location

You can check in on your Volvo with the On Call app. This is basically a confirmation that your vehicle is safe where you left it earlier in Vista, CA. If your vehicle is unlocked at any point during the day, you will get an alert on your phone. You can also view the current temperature inside of your car.

Your Volvo On Call app will provide you with a maintenance section that will give you some insight when you have a check engine light go on. You'll be able to determine if you need to schedule an appointment at Volvo Cars Carlsbad near Del Mar immediately, or if you can wait until a more convenient time.

Volvo Valet

An additional service that compliments Volvo On-Call, Volvo Valet allows you to easily schedule service appointments for your Volvo, making maintenance a breeze.

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