Driving a Volvo Hybrid is A Cost-Saving and Fun Alternative

As gas prices continue to rise across California, drivers from Vista to Oceanside are looking for creative ways to save money at the pump. Perhaps the best way to be economical on the streets of Encinitas is by choosing a hybrid or plug-in hybrid from Volvo Cars Carlsbad.  Volvo offers four hybrid or plug-in models for you to love; The S60 and S90 sedans and XC60 and XC90 crossovers. All fall under the T8 powertrain option. Each is perfect for your daily commute from Del Mar.

Hybrid vehicles have evolved over the years, from slow and cumbersome to energetic and athletic. The XC90 T8 trim, for example generates 400 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque for quick acceleration and endurance.

It may seem like a costly investment at first glance. Still, the savings you experience behind the wheel of an electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle far outweigh what you would be spending with a traditional gas-powered car or crossover. The savings on fuel, alone, are enough to at least consider an alternative to your current vehicle. But that merely scratches the surface of their potential.


Benefits of Driving an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

  • Smaller Engine: Because the engine block isn't responsible for every single moving part of your Volvo, the engine is actually smaller, lighter and much more efficient in a hybrid.
  • Lighter Weight: Hybrids are built using lighter materials and don't carry a heavy engine block. That eliminates a lot of the drag your traditional gas-fueled car would create.
  • Reduce Dependence on Fuel: By utilizing electricity, instead of gasoline as its primary method of energy, you will do your part to keep the gas prices around Vista and Carlsbad in check.
  • Produces Clean Energy: One of the bigger selling points to purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle, particularly in Southern California, is: These vehicles emit less pollution than gas-only powered vehicles. That means breathing cleaner air as you head out to the beach or park with your family.

Incentives to Buying Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

San Diego County is making it easier and more budget-friendly to make the switch to a hybrid vehicle. In the Fall of 2019, it approved the Clean Cars 4 All, which allocates $5 million to allow drivers access to an electric vehicle. The Clean Cars 4 All program will offer drivers as much as $10,000 if they trade in their current gas-powered car for an electric one. That softens the up-front costs of buying a new car. While there are requirements for eligibility, it is definitely worth looking into!

Federal grants also make owning an electric or hybrid vehicle worth your while, in the form of tax credits. The Plug In America allows you to search and see which credits you qualify for. Not every vehicle, make or model qualifies for incentives, so it is important to check before you buy.


Discover the Hybrid Difference at Volvo Cars Carlsbad

Volvo Cars Carlsbad is proud to offer four hybrid models for drivers who value style as well as fuel economy.  Stop by Volvo Cars Carlsbad and learn about our hybrid options and how you can make it work for you.  Take one for a test drive and see how powerful it can feel to skip the gas station.