Now that winter is finally over, you’re hopefully done with snow, ice, and salty roads. The first thing that you’ll want to do is get your car ready for spring in Del Mar. You can go all out and have it professionally cleaned, or you can choose to do the deed yourself. Come to Volvo Cars Carlsbad if you’d like some tips on how to get your vehicle ready for the upcoming spring and summer season.

Tips to Prepping Your Volvo for Spring

Like most Volvo owners, you’re proud to be the owner of a high-quality vehicle and want it looking as good as possible. Here are some tips on how to beautify your car and get it ready for springtime.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is give your vehicle a good washing. Whether you wash it regularly throughout the winter or just here and there, it needs a thorough washing in the spring. Your windshield wipers get a real workout in winter, so replace them with new ones and refill your windshield wiper fluid reservoir.

Spring also means getting your oil changed and oil filter replaced. Winter driving can be hard on the engine, so treat it with fresh oil and filter. Winter is just as hard on your tires, so check them for wear and tear, and make sure they have the correct amount of air pressure. Go with the air pressure recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual and not on the tires.

Between the snow, rain, gravel, and dirt that winter driving brings, your floor mats will probably have taken a real beating. Remove them from the vehicle and give them a thorough cleaning.

Winter driving around Oceanside can be the absolute worst for your car’s body between road salt, snow, gravel, and what have you. This is the time to check it for dents and scratches. There are many DIY kits for auto body repairs, or you can take it to your Volvo dealer to have it professionally done.

Visit Our Service Center

Our Volvo service center has a full selection of automotive supplies to help you get your car ready for spring. We also offer a full line of automotive services, so pay us a visit at our shop near Encinitas. We have some exciting things to share with you so schedule your automotive service today and we would be more than happy to help you!

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