Due to natural wear and tear, a vehicle eventually develops a fluid leak. At some point, a car, truck or SUV owner may notice a wet spot beneath the vehicle. You may be able to determine where the leak originates by looking under the vehicle with a flashlight. Determining the color also gives a good indication of what type of fluid is leaking.

Simply place a piece of white construction paper or cardboard under the area where the damp spot exists. Once fluid appears on the paper or cardboard, look up under the vehicle to determine the location. Remove the blotter and examine the spot closely. The color of the fluid also indicates the type of leak. Common fluid leaks include:

  • Water - clear wet spot
  • Coolant - blue or bluish-green
  • Motor oil - brown and oily
  • Battery acid - a hole burned in the blotter
  • Transmission fluid - reddish brown
  • Brake fluid - clear and oily
  • Steering fluid - yellowish

When noticing a fluid leak, make an appointment with one of our Volvo service technicians.



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